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Our Story

We are a privately owned freehold pub.

There is nothing commercial about us or our ethos!

The Green Man has been in the village of Kings Stag since the 17th Century and  was known as the Inn at King Stag but most of us will always remember it as the Green Man. The pubs owners family tree in Stock Gaylard, just a mile down the road, dates back to the 15th Century so we can imagine our ancestors enjoying a pint or two here some 300 years ago. 

It has been a rocky few years for the pub but since June 2019 The Green Man  been in the hands of the Langmeads of Stock Gaylard and is being expertly managed by Matthew Pearce. It is the first time in a long while that it has been a freehold, privately owned, and long may it remain! 

Our ethos is local and fresh and we support as many local suppliers as we can, and hope to start processing some of the Langmeads farm's own meat & venison through the pub very soon. 

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